This site is home to a real-time Law of Attraction experiment, documenting the journey of trying to reach and achieve a goal of knocking my rock and roll dream off my bucket list.

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work? Let’s find out.


Here I am at Counts Kustoms in Vegas. They rock.

Hi! I’m Kevin. I’ve got a question for you: Have you ever daydreamed about something you wish you could do, or about a place you wish you could visit, or considered learning how to do something you’d never thought possible for you to do? Have you ever had anything in mind that you’d love to experience in your life, “if only?”

Have you ever burned to do something, but you just didn’t know how?

I sure have.

So … what is it that you want?

Once I reached my 40’s, I really began to think about getting to the end of my days, looking back and wondering about what kinds of things I would regret if I had not tried at some point in my life. It’s a powerful thing to ponder, and I’ve made a lot of changes in my life since I began to ask myself that question.

Curiously, I don’t seem to desire things. There are no big houses or vacation homes or fancy cars, boats or other toys in my dreams. Rather, its experience I seem to crave. There are all kinds of places I want to see and adventures I’d like to enjoy at some point. But before I stand before Stonehenge, walk the Great Wall of China or gaze upon the mighty pyramids in Egypt, there is something much closer to home I just know I will regret if I don’t at least try and do.

I wanna rock!


Me & my son, rocking with VOLBEAT, who rock.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve dreamed of recording and performing a collection of my own rock songs. For just as long, I’ve hung up those hopes on excuses and reasons why I can’t, or shouldn’t, do it. And it’s a long list. I’ll get into it in a moment. There’s no real logical reason for me to want to put so much time and effort into something like making a rock and roll CD and doing a “one-off” concert to release it.

But … I want to. And that’s why this site is here.

No matter what my life has taken me through, this keeps bubbling back up from deep inside my soul and won’t leave me alone. Somewhat like putting a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield, it makes little sense. I’m not suggesting I want Shoeless Joe Jackson to play bass for me, but like the “If you build it, they will come” line from the movie “Field of Dreams,” there’s this almost-constant little voice inside my spirit that keeps pushing me: “Record your rock songs.” No matter what I’m doing or where my life has taken me, despite all logic, I can’t seem to shake that voice.

So I’m going for it. I have no idea exactly how I’ll pull it off, but I’m going to try and record a collection of rock songs, and let you watch as I figure it out.

What’s in it for you?


What do you dream of? You can do it! Y’know why? You rock.

And why should you care, or even bother to keep reading? Well, if you’ve ever considered what I mentioned at the outset – that you may have something you’ve always wanted to do or try, but keep finding ways to reason yourself away from it, perhaps you may be interested in watching what happens to me on this journey to see if I can do it or not. I’m through with logic and excuses. I’m going to try it.

I’ll write about it here, every step of the way.

Does the Law of Attraction work? Can you really accomplish something without really having any idea how?

Follow along and find out.

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  • To answer your questions, “Does the Law of Attraction work? Can you really accomplish something without really having any idea how?” YES. I do believe it works. I’m not an expert but there are instances wherein I was bewildered that I achieved a goal. I’m not entirely sure how.

    • Hi Misha,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving that encouraging note. I’m glad to hear you’ve had success!
      Wishing you all the very best

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