Back on Track

Yikes. No updates in a while, though we see we have been visited somewhat regularly around here the last many months. Thanks to those who have dropped in.

11-07-15 - Back on track

Mutineer is really a passion project that has been in the mind of its creator for years. The establishment of this site (humble though it is) and its associated social media channels is one of the first steps to helping it become real. If you’re interested to see how something goes about coming to be out of, quite literally, nothing, stick around. Things may get interesting here in the coming weeks and months.

A target date has now been set. We’ve pinned that donkey with a tail that will hold us accountable and give us motivation to somehow figure a way around a whole pile of obstacles that currently stand ahead of us. But the main thing is to get moving.

We’ll share more soon. Meantime, you’re also welcome to follow along on Instagram. You’ll find us posting things there periodically at @MutineerBand. We’d love to have you along. For now, we’re mostly sharing some lyric slides that include lines from some of the songs. If you like ’em, please feel welcome to share ’em. They look like this:

Mutineer - Minimum Wages

We’d love to have you join us on either Facebook or Twitter, too. Whatever the case – always happy to hear from you.

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