After more than a year of chipping away at it, I believe there is a re-tooling of this whole site and project on the way. And I’m cool with that. Here’s why: The whole idea of Mutineer is to be yourself, accept and embrace who you are and to fully explore your creativity, no matter what those negative voices in your head may think. It started as a singular project of trying to get a groupRead More
When I set out on this journey I promised myself that I would keep track of the progress at least once every month. Other than checking in to say, “Not much is happening,” not much has been happening. At least, not for the Mutineer project. Having said that, interesting things can and do occur when you set goals for yourself and move toward them. For some, they seem too difficult and the idea of believingRead More
Just this morning I was reading another passage from Price Pritchett’s book, “You2.” It was talking about relying on unseen forces when you’re trying to make a quantum leap and move things forward in your life, and not get so caught up on the “how” aspect of things coming into being. With just about anything that you read relative to the law of attraction for staying in touch with your true essence and moving forward inRead More
I didn’t know I would at the time that I wrote it, but I now view  “Take This To Your Leader” pretty much as the Mutineer project’s flagship song. It captures just about everything that I feel the project stands for: Embracing your true nature Being bold enough to walk your own path without necessarily seeking the approval of authority, or of  “The Script” Not just blindly following along because it seems to be what everybodyRead More
Trying to make something happen when you don’t know the “how.” It’s a journey. Up and down. The Law of Attraction can only take you so far without some level of consistent action. And in order to stay in action, you’ve got to stay emotionally engaged with your vision of the end game. That can sometimes be a challenge. Beware the Negative Voices. We All Have & Hear Them The little voice has come backRead More
“Get the Funk Out” by Extreme is an example of a song that I always liked but never really deeply loved, except for one version of it that they did on the “Waiting For the Punchline” tour, where Nuno Bettencourt, the guitarist, played the verse part differently (essentially, he played part of the chorus riff in the verses). It’s a very subtle difference to the original, but the result, to my ear, gives the song aRead More
For the moment, it feels like I’m just treading water with this project. This past month has been marked by a couple of key occurrences, one being that I ended up feeling absolutely exhausted around the end of September and decided to take a break for a few days. The other was Microsoft updating itself on my PC yet again and therefore rendering my digital audio workstation (Cubase) useless because it’s once again messed upRead More
I originally wrote this post about two and a half years ago, over on my main personal development journey site at Now that I’ve flung myself full-fledged into pursuing this rock and roll bucket list project, I thought it might be fun to revisit the list and see how – if at all – I might change it now, and to update it where appropriate. I thought it might be fun to see ifRead More
I’ve always liked this song, even though it has a little darkness to it. There’s a lot of frustration coming out in these lyrics. When I look back upon it, this song feels somewhat autobiographical, in some cases shouting at me, “You’re on the wrong track, chasing the wrong things. Stop! You aren’t going to like where this goes!” And in a larger sense, I feel that way about much of popular culture and societyRead More
I first found out about the Canadian band, The Trews, the old-fashioned way: I heard a song on the radio, and waited for the announcer to come on to say who the artist had been. That was probably around 2008 or 2009. I quickly investigated the band and fell in love with their music almost immediately. The Voice in My Head … on CD The Trews have an almost spooky way of releasing music thatRead More