September seemed to get here quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun, and August was a total, all-out blast. Looking back, I’m amazed I got anything related to this project accomplished at all. But I did. August brought me out of the airplane and into the sky by finally documenting and then sharing the demo versions of a couple of songs for this project. Any creator will relate to how squeamish it can make youRead More
Here’s demo number two, a song called “Crushed,” originally written back in 2008. You can listen to it on Soundcloud by clicking here, or by clicking on the Soundcloud button, below. I’ll write more about it and put a lyric video together soon. But right now, I’m just about to leave for a week’s vacation. So I’ll leave the lyrics here for now Even in this very raw form, I absolutely love this song. IRead More

“Be Flat” [Song Demo]

Posted by Kevin on August 19, 2016
Category : Song Demos
And we’re off. Humble though this home demo may be, it is a kick to hear it built out even just to this extent, and it’s gratifying to finally have a little bit of an audible example of what I’ve been working on with the Mutineer project to share with other people. Under the Influence “Be Flat” was originally conceived in early 2011. I was listening to a lot of The Trews music at theRead More
I’m betting most people associate The Georgia Satellites with the hit song “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” Heck, even I had that single as a 45 RPM record. I remember it being a radio hit. It wasn’t until years later that I got introduced to any more of their work, and then a decade-and-a-half after that when one of their songs was reintroduced to me and helped me realize how much I liked it. CoverRead More
Okay, Universe. Let’s see what else you can come up with. You’ve delivered on one of my requests already, made only about six weeks ago, at the end of this journal entry. I’m impressed. Thank you! Monday of last week, after waiting 14 months since the concert actually happened (and asking for it in that previous journal entry), a release date for Extreme’s “Pornograffitti Live” 25th anniversary Blu-Ray and CD was finally announced. Let theRead More
Since I last wrote, my oldest son and I went to see Adrian Raso play with Fanfare Ciocarlia. An incredible performance! It was nice to have the chance to say hi (and by the way, the photo of me with my first mate Eddie, copied below, was taken at that performance). And by the way, Adrian’s album with Fanfare Ciocarlia, “The Devil’s Tale” is absolutely out of this world. Go get it. You will notRead More
Dear Gods of Rock, Quite some time ago now, I declared my intention to achieve a lifelong goal that I’ve had recording and performing (and then recording the performance of) a group of my own rock songs. The project is called Mutineer. I can’t help wondering why this keeps bubbling back up? And the reason why I wonder is that, even though I have long since set the intention, I still find myself trying toRead More
This past March, I went to a concert to see a Canadian band called Marianas Trench. Although they are likely not aiming at me as their target demographic, I’ve always enjoyed their songwriting ability and both my kids love them, so off we went. What we were not expecting was that the supporting band was going to completely blow us away, and that I’d find another song that sparked new inspiration. Discovering Something New …Read More
Can you work with the Law of Attraction in music? It sure feels like. Follow along and find out.Read More
“Decadence Dance,” by Extreme. It is the song that changed my perception about the band who became and remain my favorite. It was also the initial inspiration for me wanting to try to write my own songs. Ironically, “Decadence” is very representative of how incredibly misunderstood the band Extreme is. And for a while, even I missed the point of this particular song, simply because of the way it sounds. I was missing the message.Read More