Part 1: My Rock & Roll Dream Have you ever daydreamed about something you wish you could do, or about a place you wish you could visit, or considered learning how to do something you’d never thought possible for you to do? Have you ever had anything in mind that you’d love to experience in your life, “if only?” I sure have. Once I reached age 40 (I’m now 41), I really began to thinkRead More
Yikes. No updates in a while, though we see we have been visited somewhat regularly around here the last many months. Thanks to those who have dropped in. Mutineer is really a passion project that has been in the mind of its creator for years. The establishment of this site (humble though it is) and its associated social media channels is one of the first steps to helping it become real. If you’re interested toRead More

Welcome Aboard!

Posted by Kevin on January 2, 2015
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Can rock and roll save our souls? Let’s find out. Mutineer is more than music in the making. It is a movement. To “mutiny” is to rebel against a constituted authority. In our case, we believe the “authority” is a culture of complacency, celebrity, entitlement, unaccountability and vicious anonymity. We believe we’ve been led to follow the wrong scripts. So we are starting fresh with new scripts of our own, based on accountability and positiveRead More