Law of Attraction Journal, Vol. 4

JournalIcon350Since I last wrote, my oldest son and I went to see Adrian Raso play with Fanfare Ciocarlia. An incredible performance! It was nice to have the chance to say hi (and by the way, the photo of me with my first mate Eddie, copied below, was taken at that performance). And by the way, Adrian’s album with Fanfare Ciocarlia, “The Devil’s Tale” is absolutely out of this world. Go get it. You will not be disappointed.

Adrian is the guy that I have had in mind for years to play some guitar on this project (It was Adrian I was referring to near the end of this blog entry. I’ve always envisioned working with him on something, someday). He and I spoke back in February, and he was receptive to the idea of potentially contributing to the project and I do hope that can happen in some fashion, although I will say that it’s all evolved in my mind into something that I’d like to share not just with him, but with many other good spirits and musically-talented friends as well. In fact, the thought has occurred to me that if this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime project, I may as well do everything I can to involve as many of my musical heroes as possible. That would include going all the way to the top, to the musicians that inspired me to explore songwriting to begin with. For now, I am letting that rattle around in my consciousness. Perhaps I will talk more about it down the road.

All Talk, No Sing?

In the meantime, there has been a lot of work done on Mutineer, but very little of it involves the construction of the actual music. Much of it is the behind-the-scenes work. Like, for instance, completely redeveloping and moving this website to another server, the reasons for which I won’t even bother getting into here. But if I was going to put the effort into developing this project to its completion, it became clear to me that I needed to move the website to a place where I could do more with it. That was a big undertaking but it is now complete.

I also got the notion that I would like to document this journey a little bit more closely. I’m hoping that people will find this project and get a kick out of watching it develop as a sort of science experiment in real time of watching something develop using the power of the mind, the law of attraction, and a genuine positive and creative spirit. I’d like for it to serve as a lesson for goal-setting and achievement, and the kind of work it takes to manifest something you’ve previously only dreamed of. We will see if that works.

In order to document this along the way, I’ve resolved myself to creating a weekly journal.  And, in case you’re curious, there is a very specific reason why it is called The Law of Attraction Journal. It’s designed that way to try to take advantage of the keyword in Google to see if we can drive more traffic to this site. Will that work? Only time will tell on that as well.

Kev … Less Plan. More Action!

As you can see, I have also decided to get past the idea of making everything “perfect” and then sharing it, so I’ll try putting some stuff out in little bits and pieces and see how that goes.

Here’s a little look inside the Mutineer “lab,” including a taste of part of a song called “Take this To Your Leader.” Check it out:

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? I would be happy to hear from you.

Until next time …

Keep rocking,

Captain Kev





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