Law of Attraction Journal, Vol. 5 | Score One for the Universe!

Law of Attraction Journal ImageOkay, Universe. Let’s see what else you can come up with. You’ve delivered on one of my requests already, made only about six weeks ago, at the end of this journal entry. I’m impressed. Thank you!

Monday of last week, after waiting 14 months since the concert actually happened (and asking for it in that previous journal entry), a release date for Extreme’s “Pornograffitti Live” 25th anniversary Blu-Ray and CD was finally announced. Let the countdown to September 23rd begin.

Pat Badger and Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme live in Las Vegas

Pat Badger and Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme live in Las Vegas in May of 2015

I attended the concert filmed for that release. It was in Las Vegas, Nevada. I traveled with my sweetheart, Caroline, all the way from Ontario, Canada to see it. Getting there and experiencing that alone was a dream come true, as I can well remember my favourite band performing their landmark album, Pornograffitti, in its entirety but only overseas back in 2014. I wanted to see that performance desperately, and told friends and family I’d have to figure out a way to get myself to Japan for a performance (only half joking). At that time, I’m not sure I actually believed I’d ever see Extreme perform that concert. And yet, looking back, I’m able to say that I did. In fact, I saw it three times, one of which was the show captured on film in May of 2015 in Vegas. I can’t wait to see it again. And I’m excited to see that I asked for it to happen, and it did.

Score one for the universe.

I’m not trying to convert you into a fan of Extreme, by the way. It’s just that, without them, there is no Mutineer. Without knowing, they’re really the ones who started it. We all have our “things.” Extreme is mine, and always will be.

As a quick aside, on that same happy day (Monday of last week), one of my other favourite bands, the Trews, made an announcement that they’d be releasing some new music this coming September. So with that in mind plus a Volbeat concert on the horizon in less than two weeks, it’s all smiles on the music front in the Mutineer camp, perfect conditions to put my foot to the floor and contribute something myself.

So What’s New?

Jaden and Kevin Crazy Eyes

This is how it can make feel at times, dealing with those negative voices in our heads that try to hold us back!

Over the last week, I did what I promised at the end of this video and sent a (very long) letter to three of my friends that are in a band that my gut tells me might help me out as I build toward launching this thing next spring. That was an action step I delayed for days, despite the fact that my heart had told me to reach out to them some time ago. I read, and re-read, and re-read again, the long letter I sent to them. It was too long, but I wanted to be detailed in the vision. All of the thoughts of hesitation came up like a game of mental whack-a-mole: “What if they think it’s stupid?” [whack!] “What if they laugh at this?” [whack!] “What if they say no?” [whack!] “What if they think I’m crazy?” [whack!] “What if …” [whack! whack! whack!]

I knew the answer to each of those questions: it doesn’t matter. It’s beyond my control. What they think is none of my business. It’s about trusting my intuition and continuing to take action and moving forward that counts. I know this, and yet that voice still pops up. Over and over. And over. And again …

Eventually, I just psyched myself up and hit “send,” almost as you would if you were ripping off a band aid all of a sudden. It’s a crazy thing, this business of believing in yourself and your vision.

Learning Cubase & EZDrummer

With that step now off in the universe somewhere, I then turned my attention toward getting back to work on actually creating some things for people (including my potential musical running mates) to hear. This means picking the guitar back up and forcing myself to work with Cubase and EZDrummer in an effort to figure out how to make them work.

I tested the process by recording a “Song Blog” demo for one of my old acoustic songs, a short little ditty called “Think of Yourself.” I even made this video (below) of myself creating the song, which I did in just over an hour and a half on a Sunday afternoon.


Although that song has very little to do with my Mutineer project, it did serve to get me a little further into Cubase. Emboldened, I then arrived home after work and a gym session Tuesday evening determined to create a new scratch track for one of the Mutineer songs.

I began by finally putting new strings on my electric guitar for the first time since I can remember. And guess what I did? Yep, I screwed it up. I put the G string on the D string peg and cut it too short. So when I realized my error and switched it back to the right peg, there wasn’t enough string left. I had no G string.

Insert joke here.

Marching Forward, Still Much To Learn …

Determined not to give up and to try to meet my goal of working on the song, back to the store I went. And of course they were sold out of the strings that I was using, so I got the kind that I thought was closest to it, came back home, tossed the string on, and got going again.

Eager to try something different, I put the guitar amp in the bathroom. Now that I’m reading this, I see how stupid that looks. But I did it for two reasons: 1 – I’ve been playing with a really dry (no reverb) guitar tone and I thought the bathroom might give it a bit of echo without changing the tone too much and 2 – I wanted to turn the amp up as loud as I could without pissing off the neighbours. So I put the amp in the bathroom, mic’ed it, shut the door, hit ‘Record’ and starting playing.

Cover Your Ears!

Yeah. It sounded like this. Not great.

It sounded awful.

Actually, it sounded worse than awful because what I normally record sounds awful and this sounded worse than that.


On top of that, I still don’t know how to properly work with EZDrummer inside of Cubase and recognize I’ll benefit from spending some time with some tutorials on that. I’m dreading that thought, as my earlier attempts felt like they just added to my confusion and frustration. Maybe I’ll do better now.

On the upside, I did at least create and record a guitar and a bass track and then I fiddled with the amp simulations a little bit. I had no idea what I was doing. But, it’s another step forward. Each time I walk into those woods, I get just a little bit further than the time before.

Also accomplished last week were the posting of a new episode of my podcast and a new article on my personal development journey website journey, I’m proud of each of those. And, I did get that acoustic song demo done, too. I’m proud of all of that.

Jaden and Eddie giant bubbles at sunset

My two best pals and a beautiful summer evening. It’s what matters most, and it’s happening right now.

Am I trying to do too much? Probably. But I’m having a blast and have never felt healthier. I haven’t turned on the TV in weeks. I’m doing things like this instead. So far, so happy.

Family First!

Besides, immediately following all of what I just described, I picked up my kids and  left town for a few days to visit with family. Unplugged, and it was awesome. I should note that I don’t work on any of this stuff when my boys are with me, which is roughly half the time. They come first. Though I assure you that they, too, are cheering on the Mutineer project. It’s my hope that they’re learning a little something about setting goals, dreaming big and working hard in the process. Time will show.

Til next time …

Keep rocking your life.

Captain Kev

Kevin & Eddie Bulmer


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