Kicking The Bucket List: Making My Rock and Roll Dream Real (Part 5 of 7)

Part 5: Setting the Intention and Moving Forward

I love Bob Proctor. Following his advice has made a massive positive difference in my life this past year+. This quick and simple (but direct) video message, which I saw in the fall, really hit home:

In case you didn’t feel like watching the video (or couldn’t, for some reason), here’s what he says: “How often do you find yourself sitting around with a loved one, and thinking of all the wonderful things you’d like to do? Maybe the trips you’d like to take? You say, ‘We’ll have to do that some day.’ Do you know, I’ve been looking at calendars for 80 years. I know there are 7 days. But not one of them is ‘someday.’ When are you gonna do it? Make a decision. Life’s short. Do it now.”

I know he’s right. And yet I keep hesitating anyway. This project is but one example.

I am determined to change that habit.

This past October, I was in the middle of a 4-hour drive up to my Mom’s family cottage on Georgian Bay, Ontario, part of my annual trip to help her close up for the winter. Along the way, I was listening to demos I’ve made of the Mutineer songs and found myself dreaming and wondering, pretty much as I do on that trip each year (I dream but don’t really do anything about once I’m back home). This time, I thought, “I wonder how I could ever get someone to come out to see something like this?” And I considered how most people only go to music shows if they, you know, actually know and like the music. I don’t even have music to share yet.

Nothing like a road trip to clear your head. I took this photo on the weekend I’ve just described, at Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. This was October 18, 2015.

Nothing like a road trip to clear your head. I took this photo on the weekend I’ve just described, at Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.
This was October 18, 2015.

Then I thought, “Well, what are the kinds of things that people set aside time and eventually come out for?” The answer I got to that question was: Celebrations. Weddings, anniversaries, retirements, going-away parties, office gatherings, company picnics and the like – people tend to plan for and attend those kinds of things.

Next, I chuckled to myself as I thought, “Y’know, it would sure be a fun birthday party to celebrate by putting on a concert that knocked one of the biggest items off my bucket list. That could be a helluva party. I wonder if anyone would come out for that?”

I let that notion rattle around in my head for a bit. Then I asked myself, “I wonder what day of the week April 29th (my birthday) is, a couple years from now? Because next spring is too soon. But the following spring might be just the right amount of time to set as a target date to get me going.”

When I pulled off the highway at the next rest stop, I checked the calendar on my phone to see on what day of the week April 29, 2017 landed.

It’s a Saturday.


Since that drive, I have done everything but announce my plan publicly. But I’ve done that now.

Here’s the intention: I will have recorded and be set to release the Mutineer CD with a concert on Saturday, April 29, 2017. There will be video cameras at this event to capture it for all time and it will be at Aeolian Hall in London, Ontario, or someplace like it. Maybe we can even stream it online for those who have shown interest between now and then.

I envision a large video screen at the back of the stage, the drums up on risers and several of my friends from the music world coming up at different times to be a part of the occasion, with all of it being very well rehearsed and professional. I already know what the first three songs of the night will be, and the first and third won’t even be my own songs, but they’ll be where they are for a reason. The first Mutineer song of the the night will be the second one played, a track called “Take This To Your Leader.”  I can see this event happening, like a movie in my mind, stuck on ‘Repeat.’

Mutineer Crowd

Just how exactly is all this supposed to happen? Good question.

So how, exactly, will I manage to make all this happen by then, given all the challenges I listed yesterday, in Part 4?

I don’t really know. But you’re invited.

I’ll share what I think are some ways to overcome the obstacles between now and April 29, 2017, in Part 6, tomorrow.

Meantime, I’ll take all the encouragement I can get. Please consider joining Mutineer on: Facebook, Twitter or YouTube


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