Kicking The Bucket List: Making My Rock and Roll Dream Real (Part 7 of 7)

Part 7:  Testing the Law of Attraction

Having now gone to the trouble to say all this … why should you care? Maybe you don’t and never will. That’s okay with me. But if you’ve ever dreamed of doing something but kept yourself from trying because you just couldn’t figure out how to do it, keep an eye on this space and see what happens. I’ll be your guinea pig for testing the Law of Attraction and the passion of intention.

I’m not looking to just scrap together some kind of independent-sounding recording of my songs (which is kind of how I feel about some of the acoustic stuff I’ve released already). I want to do this right. When I put Mutineer on my car stereo at max volume in a couple of years, I want it to sound huge. When we do the concert, for at least one night, I intend for it to look and feel like a full-blown rock show. The band will be tight, talented and well-rehearsed. There will be lights and a video screen, and many of my friends who only know me from strumming my acoustic guitar will see this and go, “Holy cow. I had no idea he had this in him.”

I just need enough people there that night to make a party out of it. But we’ll get to that.


In the meantime, what I’ll be sharing will be somewhat humble and basic. I’m thinking I’ll post some video of me working on the songs, maybe showcasing the main riffs or putting some demos together. Those will, indeed, look and sound homegrown, because they will be. But I’ve got to start somewhere. I’m okay with that, because I know what the end goal will be, and it’ll be something I’ll be proud to have my name on and carry with me for the rest of my days.

For now, here’s how you can help if you like:

  1. Send me some positive energy (and thanks to the many who have already done so)! If you’ve ever had a dream you weren’t sure how to achieve, root for me. I’ll go first. I’m jumping. Transfer to me some good vibes and hope I figure out how to open the chute on the way down.

    Click this image and it’ll take you to the Facebook page

    Click this image and it’ll take you to the Facebook page

  1. Follow and contribute on the Mutineer Facebook page, or follow this website (you can click “follow” in the upper right, under the menu bar, or enter your email address to receive the updates). Subscribe to the Mutineer YouTube channel, or join the Mutiny on Twitter. Share, comment, contribute. Do you know someone who might be interested? Let them know what’s going on here. Please. If you like what you’re seeing and hearing, say so. And if you don’t, say so! It’ll all go to increase the reach.
    Early stages on YouTube! If that’s your thing, click this image to get there now.

    Early stages on YouTube! If that’s your thing, click this image to get there now.

  1. Keep a weather eye for the Mutineer online store. And once it’s up and running, clothe your entire family in Mutineer gear! Either that, or maybe just share the link once it’s available, or send me feedback on ideas you think might go to help the cause.


    This image will take you to the Twitter feed.

    This image will take you to the Twitter feed.

  1. If you’re in or around London, Ontario, set aside the evening of April 29, 2017. I’m going to need some people there to make it a show. I would love to have you there to celebrate.

Finally, I just want to share this for the record: I feel scared. The practical part of my mind keeps saying that this feels very narcissistic and even unnecessary. I feel awkward. Though my gut has been driving me to this for years, I still feel apprehensive about getting started. I feel like I’m being a bother to you. It seems self-serving. I’m worried I’ll fail, or run into so many roadblocks that I’ll be frustrated and will want to give up. I don’t want it to consume me, as I have a lot of other things I want to be doing at the same time. And yet, I keep coming back to the thought: if I get to the end of my life and look back and see that I hadn’t ever tried this, I will regret it. I know I will.

And so, apprehension and all, off we go, hoping we have it figured out by April 29, 2017.

Mutineer Map

The course is charted. The destination is set.

Let’s sail up to ‘Complacency’ and cannonball its port.

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