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Dear Gods of Rock,

Law of Attraction Journal IconQuite some time ago now, I declared my intention to achieve a lifelong goal that I’ve had recording and performing (and then recording the performance of) a group of my own rock songs. The project is called Mutineer. I can’t help wondering why this keeps bubbling back up? And the reason why I wonder is that, even though I have long since set the intention, I still find myself trying to work through doubts about it almost every single day.

I’ve read that this is natural for anyone trying to stretch themselves toward any goal that they initially don’t know how they’re going to achieve. In this case, I feel a very strange sense of assuredness that this will eventually come to be, mixed with a sort of passivity – bordering on indifference – for stretches of time. Even though I know it’s going to happen somehow, there are days when I don’t feel particularly inclined to really dig into it because I have so much else going on in my life. Shouldn’t it feel more urgent? Shouldn’t I be further along by now?

Digging In, Letting Go

I suppose that’s one of the interesting things about the law of attraction. You set the intention and then you turn it over to the universe. A big part of it, the key part of it, is acting and moving forward. But another large component is letting go and allowing the universe to show the path to you. This is a key element I missed out on for much of my life to this point. I have always been a goal-setter, but I can see now that I was much too rigid in maintaining my projected path.

I’m fascinated by how my feelings about it all (the Mutineer project) have morphed and changed over the last few months. The guts of it and/or message and purpose behind this whole thing have remained the same. But my feeling on the actual construction and delivery of it feels much different than it did when I started out.

mapI’ve learned that, while trying to apply the law of attraction, in order to start the forward momentum, you must be very specific about what it is that you’re wanting to do and when you want it done by. So, in a move that felt very much against what is taught in the Tao (where it suggests to do your work first and then show people the results), I did as instructed to do with the law of attraction: I announced the date by which I wanted Mutineer complete, and that was April 29th 2017. I still have that date in mind, but I am now looking at it more as a beginning than a conclusion. Even just to get to that, it’s going to be a lot of work. And I hope that doesn’t seem like a “cop out.” In fact, the project feels bigger as I go forward. I don’t want it to be over next year. I want it to just be getting going.

It is a curious thing, trying to remain strong and very determined but also completely flexible at the same time. It’s a good way to look at life as a whole. I just hope I’m on the right track.

Till next time.

Rock on,

Captain Kev

PS – If you could please deliver us Extreme’s Pornograffitti Live DVD sooner than later, that would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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