Law of Attraction Journal, Vol 7 | Treading Water?

E-Licenser Fail

Yeah, I know it was used. That’s the one they gave me when I paid for it!

For the moment, it feels like I’m just treading water with this project.

This past month has been marked by a couple of key occurrences, one being that I ended up feeling absolutely exhausted around the end of September and decided to take a break for a few days. The other was Microsoft updating itself on my PC yet again and therefore rendering my digital audio workstation (Cubase) useless because it’s once again messed up the software license key (this also happened back in May). I never like to complain or just be negative for the sake of it however I’m quite unimpressed and somewhat frustrated that I’ve not yet heard back from Steinberg Support to get it working again. I’m thinking I may have to go with a different digital audio workstation to keep moving this thing forward.

The Roller Coaster Ride of Goal Achievement

Roller CoasterIt goes to show how, in any journey, there are going to be ups and downs and sometimes you’re going to drift a little bit sideways along the way. You will go through times when you are feeling absolutely determined and energetic and then you’ll have other experiences where you wonder why you started in the first place. I think it’s these times that challenge you that differentiate the people who achieve their goals and those who feel a little bit of resistance and end up reverting back to what’s comfortable and predictable. And I admit, that there have been some times, including very recently, where I have thought, “Why am I even bothering?” But when I confront myself with that question, I keep coming back to the same thing, and that is that if I get to the end of my life and have not even tried to make this happen I will regret it.

Now, just think for a minute of how many times we come across this sort of a feeling at some point in our lives, where we meet with some sort of resistance and end up just reverting back to what’s familiar or comfortable. I would suggest it happens all the time on an almost daily basis. Whether it relates to our diet, sleep patterns, exercise, our jobs, relationships or just about antyhing else, in order to try to find a new way with anything, we must push through the discomfort of breaking away from the familiar. That takes a lot of courage and commitment. Bob Proctor refers to it as the “Terror Barrier.

The stage I’m at right now in my personal development is one of trying to make it habitual to just continue to take action, every single day, and to become at east with being outside my comfort zone. In other words, I am trying to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because if I am comfortable, I’m just doing things that I’ve always done. I’m not breaking any new ground. I’m not growing.

I’ve mentioned in this space many other times that there are several other key things going on in my life that are a higher priority to me right now then this Mutineer project. And that’s still true. And maybe because of that, the tug feels even stronger to delay the process of chipping away at this goal so that I can come back to it, “When the time is right.” But there we are again; the time is never right. The right time is right now. Even if I never get any further with this, at least I have created and shared three song demos that are now out there in the universe for someone else to listen to if they so choose and that’s more than I had done a year ago at this time.

Little Becomes Big

Keeping track of my activities and making notes of my progress as I go along this journey has shown me just how quickly time can go by. On one hand, that actually makes me a little bit anxious as I see how fast things can pile up, and how many days can quickly go by between actions. But on the other hand, it’s empowering to it helps me to be more patient when forecasting things that seem to be out into the future, because I know that that time is going to by a lot more quickly than I may think at the time. When I was younger, I would think that things that were off in the distance were just too far away to conceive of ever becoming real. But I see it differently now. Whether it was investing money into a savings account, or investing good study habits rather than trying to cram everything in all at once, or incremental gains in fitness or diet, it’s all the same principle. Little becomes big. And that’s true of both good stuff and not-so-good stuff. Whatever little things go on all the time eventually add up to something much much bigger. So be careful of what little things you do and think every day.

Mutineer Email Crew Sign Up Image

Although I’ve not made any bold strokes with the Mutineer project over the last few weeks, I am practicing guitar scales every day, I am continuing to contribute to this blog and to the social media feeds. I am keeping the heartbeat of this alive so that when inspiration does come back I will have built the muscle to be able to take advantage of it. I choose to keep chipping away. The the completion of this project still feels a long way off, I keep reminding myself: little becomes big. Keep the pilot light lit. Chip away. Believe in the process.

Slow? I Prefer STEADY.

TortoiseIn working with the law of attraction, I feel that’s part that a lot of us maybe get wrong. The action part of it. Being the tortoise, the plow horse, the little engine, always moving forward toward your goals and being willing to be blown sideways from time-to-time, while continuing to envision that end goal and taking those little actions toward it every day. Then one day, you wake up and realize that you have completely changed your reality and that you are living what you were visualizing many years ago. But it’s not like all of a sudden reaching the summit of a mountain because you’ve been making those incremental gains all along the way. It’s sort of like how you don’t really notice your kids growing when you’re around them all the time. But when your relatives and friends go many months or even years without seeing them, they react like, “Holy cow! I can’t believe the difference!”

Personal development and goal achievement, I think, is very similar. Just keep chipping away. Hold onto your vision relentlessly and be willing to work for it. Understand and embrace that there are going to be ups and downs and some days you’re going to feel like working on it and some days you won’t. But if you never take the steps, even really small ones, you won’t move forward.

So although I have not run any sprints in the last little bit, I am still moving and will continue to. we shall see what the next month brings.



Do you have a big goal, a big dream, that you’re chasing? What is it? Leave a comment and let me know. And if you’d like to stay up-to-date and come along with me on this journey goal achievement, join our email crew by clicking here.

Thanks! And welcome aboard.

4 Responses to “Law of Attraction Journal, Vol 7 | Treading Water?

  • Love your article and I can so relate to it! I have good days and bad days like everyone else and on those bad days, sometimes I just feel like throwing in the towel. But I can’t. If not, I’ll be back at square 1. And I don’t want that. I need to get out of my comfort zone. Actually, I’ve been out of it for quite some time. But I feel there’s personal growth in every challenge that I meet and overcome. Every step is a step towards my goals and my dreams. Thanks for your inspiring post! x

    • Thanks Yvonne. I know what you mean. Ups and downs. But you’ve got to keep moving forward.
      I’m grateful for your time and comments. Thanks for popping by!
      Best wishes,

  • Very relatable blog, Kevin. I used to think only big achievements marked success. I actually did until your article gave me a different perspective. I guess it’s tunnel vision… you can spend so much of your attention on attaining one thing, that you don’t celebrate anything else. It’s actually kinda sad.

    I agree with staying out of your comfort zone. My biggest fear used to be change, but now it’s that I won’t change. Personal growth beats any other kind of growth (even financial). So I always chase any opportunity I get.

    Personally, my goal is to go to Disneyland. Been my drive for years. I don’t even have to worry about finding motivation. There’s always the question of what happens after that though… but life figures itself out. Thanks for another moving log, Kevin. Here’s to the next one!

    • Thanks Makki! I’ve never been to Disneyland. I’d love to go. I’ve been to the parks in Florida many times, but not Disneyland in California.
      And, I think you’re right: life does figure itself out. There is always a “next” thing.
      Best wishes!

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