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Don’t listen to this guy sitting on your shoulder

Trying to make something happen when you don’t know the “how.” It’s a journey. Up and down. The Law of Attraction can only take you so far without some level of consistent action. And in order to stay in action, you’ve got to stay emotionally engaged with your vision of the end game.

That can sometimes be a challenge.

Beware the Negative Voices. We All Have & Hear Them

The little voice has come back to me over the last while. You know the one. It says, “You don’t need to be doing this. Just set this aside for now and come back to it when the time is right. You are over-driving yourself. Maybe now’s not the time. “

That voice might even be right. The trouble is, I listened to it for nearly a decade and so nothing got done. The time was never right. And so it goes with so much in our lives.

I am determined to keep carrying on with this Mutineer project even if I can only just barely keep the pilot light lit. So far, it’s still burning. It’s not bright, or particularly warm. But it exists. While I’m not as far along with all this as I envisioned I would be a year or so ago, I’ve created a lot more and experienced a lot more than I would have if I did not set out to try in the first place.

Law of Attraction Journal: One Thing Leads to Another

It’s interesting how, when you’re pursuing a goal, one thing does tend to lead to the other if you’ve got an open mind. I’ve noticed that in many of the different things I’m doing that seem unrelated on the surface level, I end up meeting people and experiencing moments of intuition, inspiration, ideas and action that seem to serve something else. That is to say that the Mutineer project has been well-served by me pursuing some other things like my podcast and speaking career aspirations. The reverse is also true, as I have found that pursuing those goals has contributed to insights and infrastructure around the Mutineer project.

At this point, the great bulk of what is happening is behind the scenes. When you’re talking about a rock and roll project, it’s not very sexy to discuss the workings of learning about how to move and then reconstruct your entire website, learn about targeting Google keywords, search engine optimization, social media management and so many other different things. But I have been learning about those things this year and they will serve me well in the long run. Another key area of development has been in my physical fitness. And that has been spurned largely by the idea of a Mutineer show happening at the end of April next year. And even a show does not happen then, I feel as if I am training for a major event, like a boxing match. And that has benefited me personally and professionally in countless ways.

Allowing the Vision to Change

One key way that my thoughts on this project have changed as I’ve pursued it is that I was originally thinking I would be able to get the whole thing done and then cap it off with a big concert at the end of April in 2017 to celebrate my birthday. My original idea was to capture it on video and record the audio and to make quite an occasion out of it. But I wasn’t very far along into that line of thinking when I realized that I did not want the project to be over that quickly. Instead, it was pretty clear to me that I wanted Mutineer to be a part of my experience for an indefinite amount of time and that I don’t want to compromise the quality of the experience for rushing to get something done and maybe not getting the people involved that I would like to or not putting the resources to it that I think it deserves. But I’m also aware of a tendency to hold off on things because you want to make them “perfect,” which leads to things not getting done in the first place.


Yo-Yo mind

That leads me to where I am right now and what I alluded to in the video that accompanies this blog:  Yo-yo mind. On one hand, I feel like I can get some people together to get some sort of a show going to really kick this thing off and give it some momentum by the end of next April. I can see parts of it playing in my mind and I know that if I committed myself to it, I could impose my will upon it and almost force it to happen. The key question is, do I want to do that? I’m not sure that I do, only because, as important as Mutineer is to me, there are other things going on in my life that are ahead of it in the line; changes that I want to make personally and professionally that I will regret more than Mutineer if I get a whole lot further down the road and have not developed them. So in that sense, I guess putting off my rock and roll bucket list project for the sake of digging hard toward my overall life’s ambitions is a little bit different than, say, choosing not to work on something because I would rather sit on the couch in my underpants eating potato chips. I can assure you that I am doing none of the latter (I always wear pants when I eat potato chips, and usually do it while I’m standing and making dinner).

Marching On

I am still chipping away at Mutineer. I have played my guitar more, albeit in 10-to-20 minutes chunks, this year than in several previous years combined. That has brought me frequent moments of joy, creativity and fulfillment. I started to view my guitar-scale practice as a form of creative meditation, as the process of it more-or-less forces you in presence.

Mutineer Email Crew Sign Up Image

And while I have other more pressing things in the line of stuff I want to do, my consciousness is holding a spot for things like proper vocal teaching practice and development and seeking out the help of people that are much more capable than I am at creating drum loops and audio engineering and really all of the instrumentation. I can see it coming together. The visions are still very clear. I still feel as if I want to get demo versions of all of the songs done first so that I have them to share with other people and for my own sense of seeing what exactly it is that I’ve got to work with. So with that in mind, I suppose I will stop blogging and get back to work.

What’s Your Big Bucket List Goal?

Is there something in your life that you’ve always wanted to do? Is there a place you want to go, skill you want to learn or goal that you’d like to achieve? Please, comment below and let me know what it is and know that I will be rooting for you to take whatever steps forward you can so that you, too, can Rock Your Life!

6 Responses to “Law of Attraction Journal:, Vol 8 | Yo-Yo Mind

  • Thanks Kevin for sharing what’s going on in your life.

    You’re right when it comes to not starting something. A number of years ago I wanted to start my own online business. I researched and researched but that is as far as I got. I guess I didn’t want to take the next step as it was too hard. Sure it was easy to read up on what I needed to know but beginning this new project was much harder for me.

    Then a few months I was ready to start on this project. I found an opportunity to create my website. I have been learning all the time while I build up my site. It has been hard and I could’ve quit at any time. But I have always had a goal in my mind. And I am not the sort of person who quotes on something.

    • Hi Owain,
      I’m glad you got started with your business and are keeping at it. Good for you. I can relate completely to what you’re talking about. I’m glad you’re not a quitter. Me neither. But I hear what you’re saying: some days, it’s hard to keep going. But keep at it. I’ll do the same.
      Best wishes!

  • Johnny Hazard
    3 years ago

    I’m at a point where I get agitated if not playing my guitar or talking too ppl online about music. I’m at a tipping point with songs ready to record and ideas to try. I’m not nearly where I want to be, but I have a vision of where I want to go and how.

    • Hey Johnny,
      Thanks for dropping in. Sounds like you’re driven, creative person. And that’s great to hear you’ve got a vision to follow. Just stick with it. Be the tortoise … just keep moving forward. I’d be happy if you’d drop back in around here and let me know how you’re progressing. And I’m always happy to talk music!
      Wishing you all the best,

  • Keep going! Even if the exact date of manifestation of your dream get pushed back I would encourage you to hold the vision and continue in whatever way possible to work on making it happen. I think that deep creative desires like yours should never be abandoned. It might take a little longer than anticipated but that’s OK. Your creativity demands expression! I’m personally looking forward to following your success in this.

    • Hi Jeffry,
      Thank you for your time and encouragement. I’m grateful!
      Wishing you the best,

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