Revo by Walk Off the Earth: Songs in the Key of Mutiny

This past March, I went to a concert to see a Canadian band called Marianas Trench. Although they are likely not aiming at me as their target demographic, I’ve always enjoyed their songwriting ability and both my kids love them, so off we went. What we were not expecting was that the supporting band was going to completely blow us away, and that I’d find another song that sparked new inspiration.

Discovering Something New …

A dynamic group from Burlington, Ontario, called Walk Off the Earth, opened the show. The moment they began, my oldest son and I turned to each other. Both of us had that same stunned look in our eyes, the one where you know you’re both thinking, “Uhh, I think we may be in for something different here.” From the very first note, I’d never seen anything quite like their performance.

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I’ve seen a lot of concerts, but I can count on one hand the times that I either saw an opening act upstage the headliner I was there to see (one time was when Marah opened for Steve Earle and completely stole the show) or when I saw an act I’d never seen before, and they played a song that I immediately knew I had to hear again. Both of those things happened at this show.

Although I was already impressed with Walk Off the Earth from the opening note, they got into a song about two-thirds of the way through their set that I immediately knew I had to hear again. The way they delivered the song was so exciting, empowering, enthusiastic and energetic that I was completely captivated by it. The only problem was, I had no idea what it was called. From that moment, I knew I’d be on a quest to find the song, and that feeling inspired an emotional response that reminded me of when I was much younger, trying to track down the name of a band or a certain tune because I just wanted to have that feeling again; the feeling that I had when I heard the song the first time. A natural high.

The Search Was On!

When we got home after the concert, I did not even wait to put my kids to bed. I went straight to the computer, launched YouTube in one browser tab, opened up the Walk Off the Earth discography in another tab, and started going through their songs one by one in an effort to find that one that it struck me so viscerally. On about the 7th or 8th try, I came across a song called Revo. Interestingly, the way the song sounds on the record is not the same as how they performed it live. The live rendition was much more of a rock track then the studio cut.

Either way, though the YouTube videos do little justice to the actual experience of being there, the combination of hearing the the song again and the residual energy of having seen their performance made my guts jump around. I almost immediately knew the track was going to need to be a part of the Mutineer project.

A Lyrical & Spiritual Connection

The lyrics spoke directly to the spirit of what I’m trying to do with Mutineer:”Raise your Mast and set your sails,” or “Hold your fist and stand your ground.” Or things like, “I’ve got a fever that I can’t control. I’m knee deep and I don’t even know my name, I forgot about it.” My soul was screaming, Yes! That’s exactly what has caused me to pursue this project! It’s that spirit that keeps bubbling back up even though all of my rational thoughts have, for years, tried to push that spirit back down. It’s a feeling that I can’t control. I’m definitely knee deep and as far as it being something where I “Don’t even know my name,” it does feel like something bigger than me. And, therefore, Revo by Walk off the Earth is one of the Songs in the Key of Mutiny.

I envision this song as being one of the last ones to be performed on the Mutineer concert night with a number of my friends on the stage to share in it. In fact, the visualization of that also started to change my view of what this project should be. It helped me to see that I think I want it to be less about just recording and performing a bunch of songs, and more about celebrating the whole spirit of what it’s all about, together with as many of the creative people that I’ve met along the way as I possibly can include. We shall see where it goes.

Inspired …

Thank you, Walk Off the Earth. Your song is something that I wish I’d written. At the very least, I’d like to thank you by turning some attention to it, and sharing the spirit.

So far, the “Revolution’s in my head,” but if we all work together, we can make it real.



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