“Take This To Your Leader” [Song Demo]

Mutineer Song Demo ImageI didn’t know I would at the time that I wrote it, but I now view  “Take This To Your Leader” pretty much as the Mutineer project’s flagship song. It captures just about everything that I feel the project stands for:

  • Embracing your true nature
  • Being bold enough to walk your own path without necessarily seeking the approval of authority, or of  “The Script”
  • Not just blindly following along because it seems to be what everybody else is doing
  • Asking the challenging questions and not being afraid to hear honest answers
  • Challenging the status quo not by bearing arms, but by walking away (“Tell ’em that we say, it’s not okay and we’re not playing …”)

Some of the lyric lines in this song are among my absolute favorites of any song I’ve ever written. The phrase, “A mind filled with minimum wages leads a soul to desperate stages” is proof to me that I knew about the power and opportunity of choosing a better mindset long before I ever really understood the concept or knew what to do about it. You literally do become what you think about so those choices are to be made carefully.

Take-This-To-Your-Leader-Lyrics“An unencumbered cavalcade of jesters leading clowns” more-or-less describes our current political and leadership climate, wouldn’t you say? And yes, I believe that we have created this situation with our collective mindset and expectations through the generations up to this point. If we ever want the external world to change, we better do the internal work first. I suppose I’m using my own personal experience as an example, as I was afraid to begin doing that internal work for a long time. More to the point, it didn’t even occur to me that it needed doing! I kept reaching for accomplishments or achievements to measure myself against all I perceived as worthwhile from the exterior world until I finally ended up exhausted, frustrated, unfulfilled and wondering if there was a better way to live.

“Take This To Your Leader” basically says, “That’s enough of that. This isn’t working. I’m bold enough to go on my own, wish you well, and pursue a better way.”

As you can likely tell, by listening to this demo, I need some help to be able to bring this song to life in the way that it deserves. The playing is sloppy and somewhat clunky. But I think that you can hear what I’m trying to do even though my level of skill doesn’t necessarily allow me to fully express it yet. With the right help, we’ll get it there, and when we do, I can not wait to perform this song on stage!

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And by the way, I noticed I wrote this in 2006. That was the year I saw Extreme (my favourite band) get back together at a show in Connecticut after 10 years of thinking I’d never see them play live again. What a time that was. I remember rushing home and picking up my electric guitar for the first time in years after I saw that show. No wonder this song has a bit of that feel, or at least aspires to. Hopefully, the right group of players will be able to lock it in and give it the right swagger, kind of like what Extreme’s song, “L’il Jack Horny” has. Nevermind Nuno Bettencourt’s solo theatrics. Feel the groove of that song. The thing just swings.

Here’s “Take This To Your Leader:”

By Kevin Bulmer (SOCAN)
©2006 Kevin Bulmer Enterprises

So it seems you’re growing restless
Looking for something for free

This is not what you expected
Cause you won’t get that from me

Instantly, you’ve gratified
Your need to feel unsatisfied
Ask the world to scratch your back
With your knuckles on the ground

Take this to your leader
Strange believer
Ignorance breeder
Take this to your leader
Tell ‘em that we say
It’s not okay and
We’re not playing

With all odds stacked up against you
Why even think to try

A patiently awaited virtue
That’s never gonna fly

A mind filled with minimum wages
Leads a soul to desperate stages
An unencumbered cavalcade
Of jesters leading clowns

Take this to your leader
Strange believer
Ignorance breeder
Take this to your leader
Tell ‘em that we say
It’s not okay and
We’re not playing


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  • This song has a lot of great messages in it. A lot of us seem to have the follow the sheep off the cliff. What is weird about falling what everyone else does is no one ever sticks out. If you think about it is the people that stood out in history are the ones that are seen as “great.”

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