Law of Attraction Journal, Vol. 6 | What a Summer!

Treasure MapSeptember seemed to get here quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun, and August was a total, all-out blast. Looking back, I’m amazed I got anything related to this project accomplished at all. But I did.

August brought me out of the airplane and into the sky by finally documenting and then sharing the demo versions of a couple of songs for this project. Any creator will relate to how squeamish it can make you feel to share something publicly when it’s nowhere near “ready.” But that’s a key part of the point of this project: to invite you in on the process and see how it develops and what it takes to get it done. And yet, despite that initial apprehension, it was great to finally share some version of some of this music. And I actually enjoy listening to both of the songs I’ve shared, such as they are at the moment.

2 New Song Demos Out!

The demo for “Be Flat” is now available. It’ll go down as the first publicly offered Mutineer-related track. So I had some anxiety about putting it out there. However, when I shared it, the world did not collapse, nor did my fan base explode. But it was tons of fun to work on and it’s great to have that version of the song to listen to either way.


Also now out there in cyberspace is the demo for a song called “Crushed.” It’s a favourite of mine, especially as it relates to the lyrics. It will be a total gas to one day hear it performed and produced by a proper band, turning it into the sledgehammering foot-stomper it’s meant to be.

The demos for both “Be Flat” and “Crushed” are now streaming on my Soundcloud page, as well as on the Mutineer YouTube Channel (subscriptions, welcome, by the way) where I put together a very simple little lyric video for each song demo.

It’s a lot of fun to be talking about actual songs with some of my friends and musical connections. Although there is still a mountain of work to be done and an enormous pile of challenges to be overcome, having a real discussion about how one of the songs sounds and getting feedback on it makes the whole thing feel even more real. It’s another step in the process, I can see. And I’m grateful for the positive feedback I’ve received from friends on both “Be Flat” and “Crushed.

Working with the Law of Attraction: Intending, Acting, Letting Go, Repeating

As with anything with the law of attraction or trying to become,  experience, or acquire anything new in your life, the first step is to identify what it is that you want and why, and then begin to act and feel as if you are already in that state. I believe this is evidence of that. If  you want to be a writer, write. If you want to have a rock song, record one! I’ll be doing more of that in the weeks ahead.

Another part of manifesting your goals and dreams is having a destination to point to but letting the universe show you the “how.” Along the way, it’s said that you’ll get ideas and intuitions, meet people and have things come into your life to help you get to where you want to go. And sometimes, you’ll have ideas that won’t pan out, but you’ve got to trust the process and see it all the way through. It’s a like playing a game of “trust fall” with the universe.

To that end, I mentioned in my last blog and video update that I’d reached out to some guys I know in a terrific band as I thought they might be able to help me get Mutineer to the stage in the spring of next year. And while they’d love to help, things are going so well for them right now they just don’t have the time to put towards my project. That’s actually great news, because they’ve got so much momentum going, but it’s also an example of how not every notion you have works out the way you think it should. But something else will come along if you remain open to it and keep moving forward. Let’s wait and see what it is …

Highlights of August

In addition to getting a couple of song demos and blog entries done in August, it was a grand month in other regards. Some of the highlights of the second stage of summer included:

The Bulmer Boys

The “Three Amigos” at the Detroit Masonic Temple Theater

  • Volbeat Concert – Taking my sons to see Volbeat in Detroit, where we rejoiced in singing along with one of our favourite bands in a cool little theater in the Motor City’s downtown. Both boys got on stage with the band at the end of the show, something that Volbeat is very cool (and smart) o do for their  young fans. That marked the third time my oldest son, Eddie, had both seen and been on stage with them. The following day, we took a trip to the Detroit Zoo, a fun weekend adventure all around.Kids on stage with Volbeat
  • Time Off With Family – Two weeks prior to Volbeat we were visiting with family at my mother’s cottage up in the beautiful Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada. That provided a rare chance to visit with my sisters (who live on opposite ends of our vast country) and my niece and nephew. No matter how fun working on a bucket list goal is, nothing comes before family, and every second together was a joy.
Kevin, Karen & Janna Bulmer

With my sisters

  • Trip to Disney World – We saw the month off by spending a week at Walt Disney World with my sweetheart, Caroline, and her two kids. The trip was a gift from her to me for my birthday last spring, and it was a total kick. We had a wonderful time. It took me a few days to get wound back into gear with this project (let alone everything else) after arriving home, simply because we had so much fun and spent every last ounce of energy we had to enjoy ourselves.
Caroline and Kevin

At a magical place with my sweetheart, Caroline

Rock & Roll: Alive & Well

Green Day Revolution RadioThe other thing that has me jazzed right now is to see that the rock and roll movement in general seems to be gaining steam. Many of my favorite bands are coming out of the woodwork. Since I last wrote, Green Day released a new single and announced an October release date for their new album, Revolution Radio. That’s great news! I was never a fan of theirs until “21st Century Breakdown” spun my head off my shoulders. Only then did I realize I’d been missing out.

Extreme Pornograffitti Live 25As I already noted last month, The Trews (a great Canadian band and one of my favourites) and Extreme (forever my favourite band) both have product being released in September, the Trews with “Time Capsule,” which you can order HERE (it’s worth it for the new version of “Sing Your Heart Out” alone) and Extreme with the Blu-Ray/DVD/CD of “Pornograffitti Live 25,” a concert they filmed in Las Vegas in May of 2015, and Caroline and I were there. I can hardly wait to see it again. If you’re a fan of the band like I am, consider pre-ordering that DVD here.

Jackyl RowycoHeck, even Jackyl just put a new album out! Always a good time and the band behind a few of the concerts that were more fun than any others I ever saw (especially one night in 1994 at RPM in Toronto – that was a hoot), Jackyl still makes me smile after all these years. I haven’t got that new CD yet. But I will. It’s called “Rowyco” and if you like Jackyl (part AC/DC part Skynyrd, part chainsaw), you might want to look into it. Here’s the link.

And then of course, we got to see Volbeat again. I can’t understand why they’re not bigger than they are in the US and Canada. Europe seems to get it. I guess I better tour over there when we get this Mutineer thing done some day.

On to the next adventure. Thanks for following along.

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