The Evolution Of An Idea | Progress Report, Vol. 11

The Evolution of an IdeaAfter more than a year of chipping away at it, I believe there is a re-tooling of this whole site and project on the way. And I’m cool with that. Here’s why:

The whole idea of Mutineer is to be yourself, accept and embrace who you are and to fully explore your creativity, no matter what those negative voices in your head may think. It started as a singular project of trying to get a group of rock songs together, but now that I’ve been chasing it for a little while and also acting more along the lines of what the project is suggesting, I can see that life in general is opening itself up to me a lot more than it ever has.

My “old programming” would have figured that I could get a Mutineer CD and concert together, finish it, release it, and then I would be happy. The irony is that pursuing the completion of this project has taught me that the idea or expectation of earning or creating a feeling only upon its conclusion is totally flawed. I now realize that Mutineer is not just a group of songs to be crafted, recorded, performed once and then put on the shelf: It’s a part of who I am and wish to share with the world. The creative process is the reward.

What’s the Point? Be Yourself. Right Now. Today. And Don’t Stop.

I keep thinking about what the core message is of any of the things that I’m involved with it. It seems like an easy question to answer, and probably the right thing is right under my nose, but up until now, I admit I’ve not been able to see it. With Mutineer, to be blunt, it’s basically saying that this “script” that we just seem to have accepted as the way to live our lives is baloney. It encourages you to be true to who you are, do the things that you feel that you always were meant to do and squeeze every drop out of this life that we’ve been given. It’s meant to say, “Raise the sails and go boldly to where you want to go, not where you think that society thinks you should be going, or the idea of what your parents might have suggested. Go where you want to go!” Anything that anyone else has ever suggested to you is very likely a projection of their expectation of reality. Do you trust yourself enough to know what’s best for you and to go after it regardless of what other people might think? That’s harder than it sounds. Or maybe not.

Wonder WomanI think the Mutineer voice is there to remind me to be true to myself every single day. Even though I have seen all kinds of examples of people that have been successful doing something that is important to them, dropping “the script” and living and acting creatively from their soul, it still scares me. It feels unnatural. But listening to that fear and hesitating because of it goes against what Mutineer stands for. And so, I will dig back in and refocus on this.

I would like for Mutineer to be more than just a CD that I complete someday. I do want to do that, but even much more than that, I would love for it to become a community, a tribe of people united and  supportive of each other in going after their dreams, in rocking their life, and being the star on their own stage. I would like Mutineer not only to be that voice in my ear, but in yours as well, to encourage you to be true to who you are and to remain galvanized on that every single day and to take those negative voices that might be in your head and tell them to beat it.

What It Means to be a REAL “Rock Star”

I’d like to be an inspiration for people to view themselves as a real rock star, not in the traditional sense of “sex and drugs” and basically wrecking yourself and your emotional and physical well-being in the name of achieving some level of fame and inclusion, but of health and vitality and strength and creativity. A Mutineer is somebody that gets to the end of their life and looks back and thinks, “Holy smokes, that was a frigging awesome ride!”

People on the Mutineer crew do not put themselves in a position to get to the end of their life and have all of those regrets that we always hear and read and see about people who’ve reached their end. You know the list:

  • They  wish they had said what they wanted to say
  • They wish they had loved the way they wanted to love
  • They wish they had done the things that they really wanted to do
  • They wish they’d worked less
  • They wished they’d been with their family more
  • They wish they’d been more true to themselves

For crying out loud … why not think about what those regrets might be now and start acting on them! DO something about it. What have you got to lose? People might judge you? Who cares! Guess what they’re going to have when they reach the end: regret!!

Doing the Work, Allowing What “Is”

So … I see that I have a lot of work to do in re-framing this whole project and giving it the right infrastructure for going forward. I will.

Oh, and by the way … I mentioned in a video blog a couple of months ago that I sensed there may be an opportunity to get the lads from my high school band back together. I’d welcome that, and in fact I did pursue it, asking if they’d be interested in appearing at an event I MC every March, or to create that party I’d envisioned at the end of April, just for fun. There was talk among all four of us about a year ago of “let’s do it!” But when I offered an opportunity, only half of us were willing to say “let’s go.” That’s not a criticism. It’s just an observation and how life goes. I’ve invited the opportunity a couple of different times, and so far it has not come together. I take that to mean two things, and they’re both relevant to this path of pursuing one’s goals and dreams. They are:

  1. If and when we ever get back together as a group, it will only happen when the time is right, and now is not the right time. So be it. If it’s meant to be for the four of us to get back together again as we were when we were high schoolers, it will happen when it is supposed to happen. You have to trust the universe with this stuff. If you force it, you break it.
  2. I can see that universe nudging me back to my original path, to tell me not to settle, to tell me to think bigger and to continue to have in mind some of the people that I would like to have involved in this project. If I’m honest with myself, I can see that I was starting to scale down the whole thing in my mind just to meet the original deadline that I had given myself. But who does that matter to, other than me? If I’m going to do it, I want to do it right! If that means it takes longer, so be it.

Life Is Your Stage. Will You Rock It, Or Regret It?

So the Mutineer ship may be in dry dock for the moment, clearing off some barnacles and loading up provisions for the next leg of the voyage. But we will be back at sea soon, flag raised in defiance of “The Script.”

Til next time, remember: Life is your stage. Rock It. Put on whatever frigging show you want to. Don’t wait til the curtain falls and think, “Geez, I really wish I had said my own lines rather than just reading somebody else’s.”

Stop listening to your excuses. Get up on your stage and make something happen.

Resources: Do You Even Know What You Want?

If you’d like to identify your true innermost goals and create an unshakeable roadmap for achieving them, click here for a free 3-video series about achieving your life-long goals. It’s been a HUGE help to me! Give it a look!

Comments: What’s On Your List?

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. Look back upon the life you’ve lived. Really think about it. Now … what’s one thing you’ll regret if you don’t at least try and do between now and then? It’s a powerful exercise. Give it some thought and please leave your answer, below. 


12 Responses to “The Evolution Of An Idea | Progress Report, Vol. 11

  • Hi Kevin,

    I’ve read your article and I must say that I totally agree with you. Very often we see the end as the point in which we will become happy. The achieving of some goal, dream or manifestation. But in reality it is the creative journey, as you said, that is the source of happiness. We are here to create not to ‘get it done’. It’s like a roller coaster ride. You don’t get on the ride with the expectation that when the ride is over only then will you feel exhilaration and fun. The ride, the journey, is the reason you get on. The ride itself is the source of joy.

    I also like the notion of “being yourself”. Often we try to be like someone else and that is a recipe for unhappiness. I call to mind the story of the monkey and the fish. The fish watched the monkey climb the tree and wished he could climb trees also. No matter how hard he tried, he could never get up the tree. It was only when the fish discovered that he was an expert at swimming that he started to experience real happiness. Moral of the story – be yourself and happiness will follow naturally.

    Thanks for this post Kevin

    • Thanks for those thoughtful observations, Kevon. I love the story of the monkey and the fish! I bet the monkey also wonders what it would be like to be able to breathe water …
      Best wishes!

  • I don’t have to imagine because I have End Stage Renal Disease. Once you get it you have it . There is no cure just different ways of treatment. My biggest regret is that I didn’t marry my wife Gail sooner.

    • Wishing you health and healing, Chappy.
      Best wishes,

  • Hi Kevin, i really enjoyed reading this post, with the topic of the regrets one can have….i think everyone has regrets all their life including me, right now i am in college and sometimes i regret not had studied a specific topic of my notebook or not had spent more time with my family, but at least that teach us to be quite careful with the decisions we make and to accept the consequences we get as a result of those decisions, another thing you said that caught my attention was that we need to be guided by our own decisions, walk our won path in life, not letting anyone to tell us what to do ( of course in the good sense 🙂 ) so in the end of the road we might not have the regret of “i always wanted to do this”, once again thanks for the post and have a nice day.

    • Hi Edwin,
      Thanks for your visit and thoughtful remarks. IF you can figure out how to walk your own path now and stay true that from the time you’re in college, you’ll have an almost 20-year head start on me! I wish you all the best of health, fulfillment and success!
      Best wishes,

  • Brandon
    2 years ago

    Hey Kevin, I can not agree with you more about the “no regrets” thing. Sometimes you have to do the things that you WANT to do. Because we aren’t guaranteed to be here tomorrow, nor are we guaranteed the end of the day for that matter, so why should we live life in our own little comfort zones? We shouldn’t, and you clear that up just well. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Brandon!
      EXACTLY. Safe is secure is an illusion. Let’s live life and squeeze out every drop!
      Thanks for your visit and your comments.
      Best wishes,

  • Hey, I have really enjoyed reading the post. It is well written and easy to read. I have found out so many information I haven’t know before. Thanks!

  • Hi Kevin,

    Another inspiring post you have written. It is important to be who you are, rather than get trapped by society and do what they say. How can you be true to yourself like that? You can’t.

    I am glad that you are re-working your site and be true to yourself. Only then do I feel that you will be happy with it. I wish you all the best with it.

    As for getting the band back together I hope that works out for you as well.


    • Thanks Owain!
      I really appreciate your kind and encouraging words. I’m sure we’ll get the band back together when – and if – it’s meant to happen.
      Best wishes,

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