Law of Attraction Journal, Vol. 2

Can you work with the Law of Attraction in music? We’re finding out.

Since I last wrote, I have recorded new reference tracks for two of the Mutineer songs, one my kids like to call “Chicken on the Bone” and another called “High Road.” The results were mixed, but it has got me working with the digital recorder and Cubase a little bit more. Although, frustrated with working in Cubase, I admit I reverted back to my old ways of recording (with a Fostex MR-8mkII 8-track machine) just to be able to come up with something and feel some sense of forward progress. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to figure out how to make friends with that digital audio workstation and the integration of EZDrummer inside of it.

Ain’t Technology Fun?

Song-task-boardOne major headache I encountered was my computer automatically updating to Windows 10, which deactivated Cubase for a while. It took me a few days to get that solved with the help of the Steinberg support team but all is well now.

Finding a way to get the recorded guitar to sound anything like what my ears hear straight out of the amp also remains elusive. I’ve begun to truly appreciate how sound engineers are just as much artists as the musicians are. I’ve Googled some tips and tricks and have tried different mics and placements. It still sounds like bark. If you have any advice, I’ll be happy to hear from you. Please comment below.

Other Stuff & Inspiration

I have worked on and recorded and posted one of my acoustic songs on my official site and SoundCloud page. Granted, that’s not a Mutineer rock track, but going through the process helps me work up the guitar and vocal muscles as well as going through the act of recording and creating. I feel that the only way that you can get better at it is to do it.

I’ve been continuing to sing along, when I can, to some of the tracks in the car. However I did get interrupted to listening to my own songs because of Volbeat’s new album release on June 3rd. That’s a pretty big occasion for celebration in our house! So Volbeat is back in pretty heavy rotation in all my available speakers for the moment. I’m trying to sing along, but need to learn the lyrics!

Gonna Fly Now? Getting Stronger …

My fitness is definitely improved. I’ve started doing boxing-style workouts, which is not to say that I have any interest in ever punching another human being in the face, because I don’t, but I do really like the aspect of pushing yourself and training hard for big event. I have found that skipping rope and getting some basic boxing lessons from a friend of mine at my gym has been enough to invigorate my workouts, really challenge me, and I actually have lost a few pounds in the last bit by refining my diet and mixing up my fitness routine just a little bit. Since my last update on Mutineer, that’s what I’m most proud of.


I am still spinning a lot of plates, perhaps too many. But I can still see the picture of a Mutineer concert like a movie in my mind. And my goal is still to have it activated, in one form or another, by spring of next year. I’ll never get there if I don’t chase it.

And, oh yeah, there is a new road trip on the schedule as my boys and I will be headed to Detroit to see Volbeat in August. Seal the Deal and Let’s Boogie!

Can you work with the Law of Attraction in music? It sure feels like. Follow along and find out. Leave a comment – would love to hear from you.

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